Brij™-35 Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Solution



Brij™ 35 Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Solution is a stabilized 10% solution of Brij-35 detergent for use in various protein methods. Thermo Scientific™ Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Solutions (10% w/v) provide unsurpassed purity, quality and stability. 

Properties of Brij 35 Detergent:

  • Molecular Weight: 1225g
  • Detergent Class: Nonionic
  • Aggregation Number: 40
  • Micelle Molecular Weight: 49,000g
  • Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC): 0.09 mM (0.011%, w/v)
  • Cloud Point: >100°C
  • Dialyzable: No

The detergent Brij™ 35 is a nonionic polyoxyethylene surfactant that is most frequently used as a component of cell lysis buffers or a surfactant in various HPLC applications. Unlike neat detergents, which are extremely viscous, Surfact-Amps 10% Solutions are easy to pipette and accurately dispense. The surfactant solutions are carefully prepared and packaged under nitrogen in glass ampules or HDPE bottles, ensuring their stability and eliminating the accumulation of peroxides and degradation products.

Features of these Brij 35 Surfact-Amps Detergent Solutions:

  • Brij 35—a nonionic detergent for use in various protein methods
  • Accurate—10% detergent solutions in ultrapure water
  • Easy-to-use—solutions are simple to dispense and dilute for use

Specifications Brij 35 Surfact-Amps Detergent Solutions:


  • Visual: Clear, colorless solution, free of particulate matter.
  • Concentration: 10.0 ±1.0%
  • Oxidants: ≤1.0µeq/mL
  • Carbonyls: ≤1.0µeq/mL
  • Residue present must not exceed Residue ReferenceSuspended Solids

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Product Line:

Brij™, Surfact-Amps™

Product Size:

500 mL

Reagent Type:

Detergent Solution