FLEXMAP 3D system

The FLEXMAP 3D® is Luminex’s most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform. Fast read time, compatibility with both 96- and 384-well plates, and ease of integration with front-end automation systems make the FLEXMAP 3D the platform of choice for high throughput applications. The platform uses both magnetic and non-magnetic microspheres and is capable of simultaneously measuring up to 500 genes or proteins from a small sample. Automated start up, shut down, and maintenance routines make the FLEXMAP 3D easy to use and maintain.

Key FLEXMAP 3D Features:

  • Multiplexing: Up to 500 analytes in a single sample

  • Dynamic Range (Typical): ≥4.5 logs

  • Read Time: 96-well plate in ~20 min (up to 144,000 tests/hour); 384-well plate in ~75 min (up to 153,600 tests/hour)

  • Daily Start-Up/Shut-Down: ~30 min


Let FLEXMAP 3D empower your research with:

  • Higher Throughput: Dual sample fluidics paths and increased sample injection speed result in a faster sampling rate. The FLEXMAP 3D system can process 384 samples and generate up to 144,000 data points in just over an hour.

  • High Plexing Capability: The FLEXMAP 3D is compatible with magnetic and non-magnetic microspheres and can discriminate up to 500 different microsphere sets. The platform offers a large menu of commercial kits and reagents to develop custom assays for a wide variety of applications including nucleic acid assays, immunoassays, receptor ligand assays, and enzymatic assays.

  • Automation/LIS Compatibility: xPONENT® Software controls the FLEXMAP 3D system and offers interfacing options for Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and front-end automation platforms. The system accommodates 96 and 384-well plate formats for enhanced sample flexibility and increased throughput.

  • Reliability: The FLEXMAP 3D system has multiple features allowing walk away start-up, shutdown, and maintenance operations, and greatly enhances usability for High Throughput Screening (HTS) applications.

FLEXMAP 3D Specifications


Multiplexing Capability

Up to 500 individual analytes

Dynamic Range

≥ 4.5 logs


Physical Dimensions

58.4 cm W x 63.5 cm D x 54.7 cm H (23” W x 25.7” D x 18” )


No more than 200 lbs (91 Kg)

Plate Heater Operating Range

35 – 60°C (95 – 131°F)

System Warm Up

30 minutes


Sheath Fluid Pressure

8 – 13 psi

Sample Injection Rate

Two µl/second

Sample Uptake Volume

10 – 200 µl


Classification Laser Excitation

638 nm

Reporter Laser Excitation

532 nm

Reporter Detector

565 nm – 585 nm