PrimeView ადამიანის გენომის ანალიზის U219 ნაკრები


Catalog number: 901604


Proven performance from the industry standard
The PrimeView Human Genome U219 96-array Plate and Trays enables high-throughput expression profiling of 96 samples at a time using probe sets with an emphasis on established, well-annotated content. Sequences used in the design of the array were selected from the UniGene database 219, RefSeq version 36, and full-length human mRNAs from GenBank™.

The Human Genome U219 Array enables you to:

  • Measure gene expression of more than 36,000 transcripts and variants per sample

  • Get accurate and reproducible gene expression data by using multiple independent measurements for each transcript

Key benefits:

  • Enables increased productivity and efficiency through parallel processing

  • Process 16, 24, or 96 samples on a single array plate

  • Offers excellent gene expression accuracy and reproducibility

  • Multiple independent measurements per transcript for increased confidence in your results

    •    11 probes per set for well-annotated sequences

    •    9 probes per set for the remainder

  • Provides complete coverage of the annotated genome

Content profile:

  • The Human Genome U219 Array is comprised of more than 530,000 probes covering more than 36,000 transcripts and variants, which represent more than 20,000 genes mapped through UniGene or via RefSeq annotation.

  • The EST and mRNA sequences used in the design were clustered and assembled to create consensus sequences that represent alternative splice forms. Each assembly was then analyzed for orientation and alternative 3' end evidence.

  • Content was chosen to cover all well-annotated genes and transcripts from RefSeq v36 and by leveraging all available EST and mRNA evidence that fall into the same clusters, to rigorously detect alternate 3' ends of those

  • well-annotated genes.

  • More than 1,000 probe sets represent transcripts that have no official gene symbol in UniGene, but are based on predicted RefSeq sequences and UniGene clusters with good evidence of actual transcription.


Array Format:

24-array plate and trays

Array Type:

Transcriptome Profiling

Number of Arrays:

24 arrays

Product Size:

1 x 24 array plate




Catalog number

Unit size


1 x 96 array plate


1 x 24 array plate


1 x 16 array plate