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Catalog number: 550469


Axiom Soybean Genotyping Array (also called the Axiom SoyaSNP 96-Array Plate) includes 180,961 markers for genotyping cultivated and wild varieties of soybean. The array was designed through the Affymetrix Expert Design Program in collaboration with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), the Rural Development Administration, and the National Institute of Crop Science. The SNP sequences were provided by Dr. Soon-Chun Jeong, Namshin Kim, and Dr. Jung-Kuyng Moon.

Soybean is an important world-wide source of dietary protein and oil. Axiom Soybean Genotyping Array has markers from wild and cultivated soybean, making it ideal for whole-genome association studies and high-density genetic mapping to identify important adaptive genes in wild and cultivated soybean germplasms.

Features of Axiom Soybean Genotyping Array
• Comprehensive content: The array includes 180,961 markers spaced across the genome as follows:
   - 114,735 SNPs or 63.4% of total markers are located in 40,631 genes.
   - 22,952 SNPs are in 13,259 regions within 5 kilobase pairs upstream or downstream of genes.
   - 43,274 SNPs located in intergenic regions.
   - SNP discovery and validation were completed by using a diverse set of soybean accessions.

Applications of Axiom Soybean Genotyping Array

  • Complex trait research and molecular breeding

   - Perform GWAS and fine mapping
   - Identify traits of economic importance
   - Construct high-resolution genetic maps and detect natural variations in genome structure


  • Molecular breeding

   - Perform association mapping and genomic selection in soybean breeding programs

  • Population and evolutionary genetics

   - Distinguish between soybean populations of different origins
   - Distinguish between cultivated and wild populations


Array Format:

96-array plate

Array Type:

Genotyping Array

Number of Arrays:

96 arrays

Product Size:

1 plate



Required Products
Axiom Analysis Suite
GeneChip Command Console Software
GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument