Axiom™ - ხორბლის HD გენოტიპირების ნაკრები


Catalog number: 550491


Axiom Wheat HD Genotyping Arrays were designed through Affymetrix Expert Design Program in a collaboration led by Dr. Keith Edwards, project leader and professor of Cereal Functional Genomics at the School of Biological Sciences and member of the Cabot Institute, University of Bristol.*
This product is part of a two array set. Array Plate B can be accessed at 550492 Axiom™ Wheat HD Genotyping Arrays.
The arrays were designed through a public sector pre-breeding program dedicated to accelerating the genetic improvement of modern wheat varieties. Select from one of two formats:

  • Axiom; Wheat HD Genotyping Array, a high-density research tool with 817,000 SNPs in a two-array set in the 96-array plate format

  • Axiom; Wheat Breeder's Genotyping Array, which includes 35,000 SNPs for worldwide elite wheat lines in the 384-array plate format

Markers on these arrays can be queried on the CerealsDB website (http://www.cerealsdb.uk.net/). This is a searchable database that was created by the Functional Genomics group at the University of Bristol, UK for the purpose of making SNP information available to the worldwide wheat community. It is updated regularly and contains:

  • SNP statistics: Map location or contig code, 120 bp flanking sequences. MAF and PIC score are provided for SNPs on Axiom Wheat Breeder's Genotyping Array

  • Variety comparison: Select two or more varieties of wheat to see the SNPs in common or SNPs that are different between them

*Expert Design Arrays are designed by key opinion leaders in the plant and animal genomics community and made available to the public for the purpose of advancing research and breeding programs. These arrays contain genetic markers and annotations that are provided by the original customer who designed the array and are therefore not updated by Affymetrix in the same manner as other catalog products. Through the program, Affymetrix continually provides agrigenomics researchers access to genotyping arrays that have been utilized by their peers in the research community.

Required Products
Axiom Analysis Suite
GeneChip Command Console Software
GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument